Why is January the best time to Refresh your socials?

Starting a new goal in January is like starting your diet on a Monday. It just works! It’s also usually a quieter time of the year for most business’s. Which is why it’s a great time to get on top of your marketing including your Instagram Aesthetic.

Refresh Your Instagram

January is a time for new beginnings & resolutions, and this doesn’t just stop at the gym.

This is the time to plan where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

Set Your New Years Resolutions

What is that saying? “If your dreams do not scare you, they’re not big enough”

This is where writing down your goals and making a list for the year ahead is a practical place to start. I always like to map out my goals and split them into 3 categories – personal, business & relationship.

Map It Out

Start by writing down your goals on what you would like to achieve for the year. Once you’ve written them down, you can start to map out a plan on how your going to achieve them. Whether you prefer to write it down or type it up, make sure it is accessible for you to check back on through the year.

Not sure where to start? Start by breaking your goals down into smaller achievable tasks (eg. monthly/weekly goals). Think of it a bit like saving for that holiday. You will start to see the results gain momentum when you are contributing weekly to that goal. And in no time you’ll be buying that plane ticket!

Setting weekly/monthly goals will help you stay accountable and motivated. Don’t forget to reward yourself too for each goal you hit.

Plan Ahead

Once you’ve mapped it all and you know the steps it’s going to take to get there. It’s time to start thinking how you’re going to stick to this strategy to achieve this goal.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

That’s where you can plan ahead. Start implementing strategies that are going to help you stay focused and on the right path. For me, I like to pop it in my diary, writing down daily and weekly goals which I will review at the beginning of every month. It’s a great way to reflect upon at the end of each month too. Check in where you’re at and are you on track?

Take Action

This January find some time you can have to yourself. 20 minutes where you can sit down with no distractions and put pen to paper for all your goals and ideas for 2023.

My personal tip is to leave your phone in another room or put your phone on airplane mode so you can’t be tempted to check it.

Make a coffee (or tea) and get stuck into it.

Quick Tip –
If one of your business goals is growth – don’t forget to include a strategy for your marketing for social media. These platforms are practically a form of free advertising. Make sure your utilising these services to get your message out there about your brand.

If you’re feeling a little stuck on how you’re going to achieve these exciting new goals, here’s a few ways I can help:

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