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Why is our Launch Ready package our most popular package? We listened to you and designed this package after discussing with our clients the issues they faced when it came to having their products photographed.
Often times they could only find a photographer that could do one style or the other. However what they wanted was a gallery of both product and lifestyle images with the same high quality consistency and stylist so it all worked together.
get launch ready for your brand


That’s how our Launch Ready Package came to life!
If you’re a product based business with an online presence, you will know the importance of having both product + lifestyle images for your brand. And not just any images. This package is designed to give you everything you need to get you up and running. Designed for new brands looking to launch, established brands looking for a refresh or brands that have a new product line launching and need new content.
A package that gives you:

Product Photography

A necessity for E-commerce website brands, these are the images your customers rely on when deciding to make their purchase. A product photo should be very clear about what your selling, your product should be the focal piece. They should be high quality images, that are not over edited showing the true details of your product. Ensuring your images are of the highest quality builds trust when your potential customer is shopping online. A poor quality image will have your shoppers questioning if they can trust your brand.


75% of Online Shoppers Rely on Product Photos When Deciding on a Potential Purchase.

“Product photography is one of the most “business saving” methods for marketing your items, thus we must not undervalue its significance. We interpret information depending on what we see because we are visual creatures. According to studies, people only retain 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see. Customers are constantly looking for time-saving solutions and methods. Images automatically capture their interest. Goods images not only demonstrate the caliber and appearance of your product, but they also act as windows into your eCommerce store, giving it a sense of openness and sincerity.”- Maxwell Onyeka (Article Here)

Lifestyle Photography

I am going to leave this here for you – Professional Lifestyle Photography SELLS products.

These are the images that you’re saving for later as inspiration for your home, office, organisation etc. The images that your pinning on pinterest, or cutting out of that magazine and adding to your moodboard. Lifestyle Photography creates a desire from your audience, prompting an emotional response rather than a logical response as to why they need this product now. Your images should tell the story of your product, why it’s important and why people should want it.

How many times have you been scrolling through Facebook, and you see an ad that captures your attention. It’s not the copy thats written, its not the price tag, it’s the image that grabs your attention. It makes you click to find out more. That’s a great Lifestyle shot.

The right lifestyle shot can sell out an item as fast as you post it. All it takes, is showing your audience why they need this product. A successful Lifestyle image is all about creating an everyday or desired lifestyle in one image.

Let’s tell your brands story and highlight what problem you’re solving with your product by capturing it all in a lifestyle image and create a gallery that sells out your products.

Blush Product Lifestyle Photography

Website, Marketing, Advertising & Social Media

Our Launch package provides it all. High quality images that are suitable for your e-commerce website, your Instagram page and any advertisements your planning to promote. We have you covered! You get to choose what the images are for and in the size you need.  If you have a goal aesthetic, let’s work together to accomplish your dream images for your brand that you’ve worked so hard for!

Quick Tip –
Our Launch Ready package works really well alongside our Refresh Your Instagram package. Giving you a gallery full of imagery + a months worth of Instagram posts all done for you in your brands aesthetic.
Book together and save $50!
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