What is Product Photography?

Let’s break it right down. What is Product photography exactly?

Product Photography is an image that showcases your product in an effective and aesthetic manner. This style of image is mainly used in marketing campaigns, advertisements and product catalogs including websites & social media.

You can see why product photography plays such an essential role in your business and marketing plan.

The aim of product photography is simple.

You want to capture your potential customers attention.

Ok, that sounds easy right? So how do you do that?

  1. Highlight the features of your product

Using close-up shots or zoomed-in images, help to highlight the unique features of your product. Think intricate details, textures, or finishes. A product photographers goal is to capture these for you with the finest of camera lenses that never miss a beat.

  1. Show case your design

Product shots can be used to showcase your products different angles and features. Using multiple angles to build your catalogue will give your customer a better sense of your products shape and size. A professional studio will have the right set up to help achieve these results for you.

hero product shot
  1. Capture the quality

Capture the unique design of your product with high quality images that show off the beautiful intricacies of your range. This is where the professional camera’s come in, they are able to capture the smallest of details in a high resolution format that can be used even on the largest of platforms (like billboards!). No distortion, No grain, No pixelation. Just quality imagery.

pretty pink product photography
  1. Visually Appealing

Put your products best foot forward and make it shine. This is where you want to capture your product using creative composition techniques, interesting angles and framing that draws attention to specific features of your product and help make it stand out. A professional will know exactly what angles work and how to put these together to create scroll stopping images for your brand.

visually appealing product photography
  1. Focus is solely on your product

Your product picture should immediately highlight what it is exactly that your selling. This can be done in a stylish manner that makes your product stand out, by using techniques that capture your product in its element.

packaging product photography
  1. While Product Photography can be a big investment, here are a few reasons why it should be at the top of your to-do list:

    – Poor quality images can make the product appear unappealing, unprofessional and may not accurately represent your product.

    – Without a professional photographer’s attention to detail, small imperfections or details maybe over looked, leading to a less polished final product.

    – Taking photos in different settings can result in inconsistency in your image style, lighting and composition, which can be off putting to your customers.

    – With alot of products available online, high quality images help your product to stand out and catch the attention of your potential customers. Without them, it may be difficult to compete with other brands in the market.

    – Low quality or inconsistent images may not be suitable for the use in your marketing materials, which can limit your products overall reach and effectiveness.

    The key takeaway?

    Investing in high-quality product photography can significantly impact the success of your business by increasing sales, enhancing brand reputation, and creating a more engaging customer experience.

    Professional product photography can help to show case your products features and benefits, improve your website’s visual appeal and make your brand more memorable and recognisable to your ideal customer.

    It is an essential service to ensure your product photos accurately represent your products and provide a clear view of their details and specifications to build trust with your customers.

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